Chiang Mai Villas

Chiang Mai Villas offers a range of accommodation in and around Chiang Mai from countryside vacation rentals, suburban holiday homes to Lanna style holiday lets. Our Chiang Mai Villas offer privacy, level and the highest level of personalized service. This collection of luxury Chiang Mai villas is the perfect accommodation for families, groups and retreats.

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and the most culturally significant due to the city’s former position as capital of the Lanna Kingdom (Lanna means “the land of a million rice fields.”). The city center has a huge number of beautiful and important temples all representing a mix of Burmese, Sri Lankan and Lanna Thai styles.  The city originally grew in importance due to its position along major trading routes and beside the Mae Ping River, a major tributary to the Chao Phraya River.

The city center is still within the historical walls and moat, most of which remain to this day. With its cultural importance, original walls, and the fact the city is much greener and quieter than the country’s capital Bangkok, Chiang Mai, has gained the affectionate name “Rose of the North”.

In the present day, Chiang Mai has a technical population of 160,000 but the major metropolitan area includes nearly one million inhabitants. The city has been a growing tourism capital famed for its cultural attractions, inland natural environment, and wildlife. Chiang Mai was awarded a place on the “25 Best Destinations in the World” by TripAdvisor.

Luxury Villas

X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Feature

X2 Chiang Mai-South Gate offers a luxury 6 bedroom villa located within the heart of the city, directly beside the South Gate entrance to the old city.
Away Phucome Chiang Mai Villa

Away Phucome Chiang Mai Villa Away Phucome Chiang Mai villa is a luxury 3 bedroom villa located on the city outskirts, just minutes away from...

X2 Chiang Mai Villa - North Gate X2 Chiang Mai Villa -North Gate is a 5 bedroom luxury pool villa designed and decorated in true...

Why Choose a Holiday Villa?

While on holiday people are looking for different and flexible experiences. Peace, quiet and relaxation are priceless commodities, especially on your vacation.

Choosing a Chiang Mai holiday villa over a traditional hotel offers guests so many advantages. Our Chiang Mai villas are much larger than any hotel room. The villas offer multiple separate bedrooms and social living spaces. With a private living room, kitchen and swimming pool your family can enjoy a level of privacy not possible in traditional hotels. Space to share and space to be yourself add up to a relaxing holiday.

The Chiang Mai Villas listed on our website all provide the highest level of personalised service. Each villa comes with a dedicated villa manager who looks after the every need of their guests. Let villa manager and their team prepare breakfast & traditional Thai buffets while in Chiang Mai. Use these local experts to their full potential by allowing them to arrange all our sightseeing and travel plans. Their local knowledge and languages skills removes all the troubles from your dream holiday.

Our Chiang Mai Villas are specially selected to offer more than just privacy they offer exceptional style and luxury. The villas listed on this website come from the Thailand’s leading design brands. With private pools luxury interiors and highest level of personalised service these are a true home from home.

All our villas are have been inspected by our team of professional travel agents to ensure our guests received the highest standards of services and enjoy a truly exceptional holiday in Chiang Mai.